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The party’s started! What are your ‘off-side’ rules?

With the celebrations just about to ‘kick off’ in Brazil, the whole world is going football crazy – have you seen Google’s front page today also entering into the spirit! With the first game of the 2014 World Cup fast approaching we ask what ‘off-side rules’ do you have in place in your work environment?

Success in football is all about team work – but what about your own teams closer to home?

We all know how important team work and engagement is in the workplace – and that the foundation of success for both is good communication.

What have you communicated to your teams about the do’s and don’ts during the World Cup?

Similar to our January article ‘Winter Wonderland or Winter Storm’ which suggested plans to have in place during the bad weather – it is important to have an openly communicated and understood policy that supports business continuity but also enters into the spirit of these festivities ensuring your ‘teams’ remain engaged, agile and flexible to deliver your own goals!


B2P would recommend some consideration is given to the following:-

Communication methods: how will you communicate to your employees during this time? Remembering your remote employees and virtual teams.

Attendance at work:  whether that be planned or un-planned, how will you deal with a potential influx of holiday requests – or ad-hoc duvet days?

If, as many will be, games are taking place ‘on a school night’ what is your policy for dealing with employees who do not turn up for work the next day – or arrive to work under the influence of alcohol?

Will you be relaxing your rules during this time e.g. time spent on social media sites, having a TV screen in communal areas, flexible working when games fall during working hours? If so, remember to be clear as to what is / is not acceptable and when these changes stop!

As many of the games will be during the evening – what plans and communications are needed if some of your teams are night workers?

The final whistle….ensure all arrangements take into consideration workforce diversity – remember not everyone is footie mad!

Employee Wellbeing, HR Policies & Processes

Viper or Vapour?

Burning bright or burning light? Breakthrough2Performance asks you to share your views on whether there is a place for e-cigarettes in the workplace.

E-cigarettes contain liquid nicotine which becomes a ‘vapour’ which is then inhaled.

It is estimated that there is some 1.3 million people in the UK now ‘smoking’ e-cigarettes, with the industry seeing a growth of +300% during 2013.

With health experts this week – including Doctors and the Department of Health heavily in debate as to whether it is too early to know if the benefits of using e-cigarettes outweigh the potential risks, B2P would like to hear your thoughts on the subject – and how this is being addressed in your workplace, for example:-

Do you allow your employees to smoke an e-cigarette at their desks or in the work environment?

Do you have a designated area for e-cigarette smokers or do they mix with those smoking cigarettes?

Are your employees allowed to smoke e-cigarettes in company cars / vehicles?

Do you have a separate e-cigarette policy?

Share your thoughts by email our enquiry form and we’ll publish these in our next newsletter.

HR Policies & Processes

The changing ‘face’ of technology?

Did you know that facial recognition technology is being used by companies such as Tesco, Google and Facebook?

In the case of Facebooks ‘DeepFace’ this technology provides data on photograph comparisons, or Google headsets with built in cameras and apps such as NameTag that can check the person we are talking to on-line!

Even when we’re quietly minding our own business – pushing our trollies around the supermarket we’re not completely alone – with Tesco developing its own facial recognition technology.

This week the Metropolitan Police announced that body cameras will be worn by London Police Officers to capture evidence at crime scenes – also not forgetting the number of CCTV cameras already in public places, bars, clubs and even some of our offices!

With all of this ‘big brother stuff’ around us – have you seen evidence of this also moving into the workplace?

Do you think that this could affect the way that we deal with workplace issues in the future?  For example employee relations issues – will we see videos or CCTV footage replacing witness statements in disciplinary or grievance cases?   Or perhaps you are already experiencing this in your workplace?

We’d be interested to hear your views and thoughts.

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Train Sets or Dolls?

Schools are being accused of reinforcing gender stereotyping….

It is estimated that more than half of mixed state schools are being accused of reinforcing gender stereotyping by ‘turning students off’ certain subjects according to their gender.

This seems further supported by student A Level choices with English, Biology and Psychology appealing to female students and Economics, Maths and Physics having a greater appeal to male students.

B2P asks what personal experiences have you and your families had?

Is this reflective of society in general – pink for girls and blue for boys?

Should we be doing more to counter these stereotypes?

How could this reinforcement help or hinder our future employees in their job applications or career choices?

HR Policies & Processes

Are your HR policies fit for purpose?

Are you confident they are up-to-date with current legislation? Can your managers interpret them with ease and confidence? But sometimes having clear and documented policies is still not enough……

It is equally important that those responsible for delivery are trained and experienced in their implementation as this recent case demonstrates:-

In the case of Oasis Community Learning v Wolff, Mr Wolff worked for Oasis as a teacher but was dismissed following allegations that he harassed the HR Department and allegations about his confrontational approach to pupils.  The Tribunal found his dismissal unfair because the process was handled incorrectly and ordered Mr Wolff’s reinstatement.  [People Management-July 2013]


Consider your policies and processes as your Company’s ‘voice’, ‘It’s the way we do things around here’.  It sets standards and expectations for employee performance, engagement and behaviours. We all work better and smarter when we know what is expected of us.

Designed well they are an asset, setting the tone for equal and transparent treatment for everyone, protecting you and your employees – but if they don’t exist, are out-of-date or are not followed, they can present a minefield and a potential breeding ground for litigation claims

Let us help you to review and refresh your policies for example:-




Code of Conduct





Drugs & Alcohol

Bullying & Harassment




Call us now to help you navigate the legislation minefield!

Management tool-kits, step-by-step guidance or training workshops – the choice is yours.

Offering flexible solutions to ensure business continuity is not compromised.