Bespoke Team Performance Training Workshops

Popular practical workshop topics include:-

  • The differences between leadership and management in practice
  • Motivating your team, and relationship-building
  • Effective delegation
  • Time management and prioritising
  • Successfully managing difficult conversations
  • Maintaining your brand’s reputation and ensuring people feel treated well while managing employee relationship breakdowns
  • Maintaining compliance, meeting statutory requirements and mitigating risks throughout disciplinary, capability and grievance procedures
  • Carrying out effective investigations, presenting evidence, drawing conclusions and making recommendations
  • Carrying out effective appraisals that deliver business results
  • Team learning styles and preferences
  • Clear communication and active listening
  • Coaching and mentoring teams to optimise their performance
  • Transition coaching to show that employers care for their workforce
  • Delivering effective recruitment and selection campaigns
  • Managing and monitoring employee absence

All of our workshops are designed to meet demanding work priorities, so can be offered as breakfast, half-day or full-day sessions. Contact us for a free team performance training consultation.