Let us make a difference to your

Workforce’s Productivity and Potential

Our approach to appraisals will refresh and invigorate your company. In appraisal meetings we limit the time spent on discussing the past and instead focus on the future – after all, that’s where your revenue will come from.

By aligning your appraisal process with your business goals, we make it much easier to match skills and ability with delivering your wider objectives, while reducing the need for recruiting or outsourcing. We can also include personality profiling and aptitude testing in your procedure to support your long-term succession planning.

Once we’ve helped you link employee targets with your organisation’s objectives we’ll look at and solve the following issues, which otherwise often catch organisations out:-

  • Ensuring legally required accreditations are in place before you need them
  • Securing a deep understanding within each employee of how their individual performance contributes to business success
  • Enabling employees to feel part of the company’s progression
  • Illuminating potential succession routes for key employees and signposting what’s needed
  • Identifying those who have demonstrated initiative and drive that directly improved bottom line results
  • Reducing training costs by providing a bird’s-eye view of requirements, supplier options and potential economies of scale
  • Ensuring your appraisal documentation is accurately aligned with your business’s needs
  • Making the design and delivery of personal development plans much easier
  • Preparing and guiding those who carry out appraisals in your organisation, so the output of each appraisal helps propel the organisation forward
  • Having a pre-prepared plan to swiftly address or manage poor performance and celebrate successes

Together We Can Make A Difference

For an exploratory discussion, please contact us – so we can start making a difference to your organisation’s performance this year.