Skills, Aptitudes and Assessments

Breakthrough2Performance is unusual in that it is accredited to carry out a variety of tests and assessments in-house. Our approach provides meaningful data to help predict an individual’s performance and how they might react in different situations.

We assess the ‘3 ASK’ components:-

  • Attitude
  • Skills
  • Knowledge

Test results provide a firm platform to support business decision-making about work-force growth and development. These tools and the feedback provided usually impress and help candidates, employees and employers. This has often proved pivotal when competing for the best candidates, with rare niche skills, in a competitive marketplace.

These techniques are equally valuable when used to assess your internal talent, for example employee development, career and succession planning, internal vacancies and promotions.

Using Selection Tools to

Objectively Measure your Candidates Potential

Most other HR providers have to subcontract these services, but we are accredited ourselves, highly experienced in conducting them, and deliver meaningful results. Our methodology includes:-

Certificated in Occupational Testing (Levels A & B) from the British Psychological Society (BPS)
We use highly efficient online tools recognised by the BPS in selection, development and talent management. They are ideal for career planning and we often use them to measure preferences, behaviours, experience, skills and competencies. When used in conjunction with other techniques (e.g. interviews, assessment centres and role play), the results reveal a holistic view of an individual’s characteristics and a good measure of future performance, helping to prevent employers making costly misjudgements.
Wave® and OPQ® (Occupational Personality Questionnaires) aptitude tests
Although the market is flooded with psychometric and ability testing techniques, we use a variety of the world’s most widely recognised, robust and well-respected measures of workplace behavioural styles and aptitude tests. They are backed by so much data that we can map your candidates’ results in minute detail (e.g. lower/medium/upper quartile results for accountancy graduates in London). Only appropriately qualified people are allowed to interpret this data and results.
Assessment centres
How many times have you heard the old adage “having the right person, in the right place at the right time” but how true this is. We support customers by designing competency-based interviews aligned to your goals and values.  Bespoke assessment centres and activities are cost and time efficient. We tailor them to test and evaluate job-specific and key skills through a variety of interventions such as case studies, role play, designing and replicating work-based activities and presentations.
Hay® Job Evaluation training (the Hay Group UK)
A globally recognised job evaluation process that is used by many large organisations to introduce a robust, fair and consistent remuneration and benefit strategy which aligns with commercial needs and business plans.  It helps you attract and retain employees using proven incentives that motivate consistently high performance levels.

Ensuring your Company is Resourced Correctly

Please contact us today if you’d like to explore using some of these techniques in your recruitment, internal restructure, development and succession planning projects and employee management processes