Outsourced HR, Coaching and Training Services

Why do organisations outsource their HR to us?

It costs less than maintaining the equivalent expertise in-house
We have extensive experience and commercial awareness
They don’t have sufficient HR skills in-house or in an existing provider
The organisation has grown and their HR arrangements need to be reviewed
We are honest, pragmatic and good value
They expect change which might positively or negatively impact some of the people they employ
HR issues are compromising their business performance
They are considering an acquisition, merger or management buyout
They know they can stop working with us whenever they wish, without negotiating a long notice period

Exceptional HR capabilities

One of the beauties of outsourcing your HR to us is that you don’t have to pay a premium for premium services. In addition to the general HR services that most companies and charities need, our outsourced HR includes capabilities such as:-

  • Providing expert third-party advice for grievances, disciplinary proceedings and appeals
  • Maintaining legal compliance with contracts, handbooks and HR policies
  • Managing and reducing absenteeism
  • Redundancy
  • Recruiting for multiple roles simultaneously
  • Restructuring and succession planning
  • TUPE transfers
  • Carrying out and reporting on a range of suitability tests, including psychometric testing
  • Team training and development
  • Leadership and performance coaching
  • HR management coaching
  • De-risking inductions and probationary periods

Outsource your HR Today

These examples are not one-offs.

We have witnessed our professionals guide organisations safely to these milestones or through complex procedures many times.