Changing and updating contracts and creating contracts for new roles and/or employees:-

maintains legal compliance
prevents excessive costs if things go wrong in future
provides clarity for the employee
provides peace of mind for the employer

WARNING: Did you know that you’re legally required to give each employee a contract within two months of their start date?

Under the Employment Rights Act 1996, this applies to all employees, whether they are temporary, permanent, part or full-time.

Making sure your

Employment Contracts Benefit Your Business

Different organisations have distinctively different contracts. For example, organisations with employee handbooks can simplify and shorten the content of their employment contracts. Call us if you are concerned that your existing contracts don’t possess the qualities below, or if you need to alter an existing role, or are likely to introduce a new role to your organisation.

Contracts should:-

  • Support business goals and uphold the company values featured in contractual obligations and/or responsibilities
  • Comply with all areas of employment legislation and be relatively futureproof
  • Be easy to read and understand
  • Dovetail, rather than conflict, with all other company documentation (e.g. handbooks, policies and procedures)
  • Reflect your organisation’s voice and culture as a good employer

When updating existing contracts, Breakthrough2Performance supports business leaders by communicating changes to employees before formal documentation is distributed. In certain sectors this process includes liaising with stakeholders, trades unions and other employee representatives.

Review Your Employment Contracts

If you’d like us to review your employment contracts to see if they align with your organisation’s strategic goals, or simply to check that they’re fit for purpose and compliant, please contact us.