Restructuring Your Organisation and Managing Potential Redundancies

When business goals and strategy change, restructuring often follows. Breakthrough2Performance works with key stakeholders to ensure the business and HR strategy are aligned, has commercial longevity and is properly understood by key decision-makers.

For example, moving roles or redistributing tasks is often underestimated. Often, tenders in the pipeline are forgotten; sometimes it’s wise to delay and wait for key commercial outcomes rather than restructure too quickly.

Balancing positive change with negative news

The restructure needs to be announced as positive news to your employees in relation to their future. Organisations that allow news of redundancy to overshadow change are in for a rough – and expensive – ride in terms of employee motivation, retention and recruitment.

Clearly communicating key messages, so every person within and associated with your organisation understands them, is of vital importance. Breakthrough2Performance can facilitate and de-risk this for you by:-

  • Evaluating the timing of the proposed action and the consequences of delaying it
  • Defining what the end goals look like
  • Identifying risks and costs, and balancing them with genuine commercial benefits
  • Setting milestones, deliverables and measurable results
  • Identifying genuine redundancies
  • Evaluating roles using Hay® and Croner® Job Evaluation techniques
  • Facilitating consultations
  • Providing mediation if necessary
  • Handling all employee communications so senior management can concentrate on commercial deliverables
  • Collaborating with stakeholders, senior management, unions, employee groups and your HR team (if you have one)
  • Ensuring your organisation remains legally compliant throughout
  • Accelerating the learning process in the new role

It’s all about Change – and Change Effects Everyone

In addition to measurable results, a key indicator of an employer’s success in restructuring is when both remaining and exiting employees believe they’ve been treated well. This helps to preserve your brand’s reputation, your working culture, and how you’re viewed by existing and future new recruits as an employer.

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