Ending the Employment Relationship and Mediation

You’re Fired! 

Unlike Mr Sugar sometimes we do not find ourselves in the driving seat! 

Employment is a two-way partnership so it stands to reason that when deciding to part-company the decision-maker could come from either side.

At Breakthrough2Performance we’re resolute that when parting company, whatever ‘side of the fence’ companies find themselves on, or the reasons for an employee’s departure, the most important thing is to ensure risks and costs are mitigated and the process undertaken is fair, transparent and legally compliant.

Employees leave employment for a variety of reasons, some we understand, others not – but what is important is that we LEARN from these experiences.

One golden opportunity we often feel is missed is the EXIT INTERVIEW – an opportunity to:-

  • Take a really good look inside your own organisation
  • Take stock of your own processes and practices and be able to proactively address concerns
  • Identify trends or barriers to growth and productivity
  • Learn about other companies – perhaps your competitors!
  • What are they doing? What are they doing that you’re not?

…and better still… this insight and market-information is free!

We recognise that when the time comes, departing on good terms can sometimes be challenging, especially where employees may have been the subject of a performance management process.  In these instances Breakthrough2Performance assumes the role of ‘mediator’ supporting both parties to reach a mutually agreeable outcome either through facilitated meetings or formal legal agreements.

Assuming the role of mediator we use our expertise to explore options to reach a mutually agreeable outcome, facilitating conversations and meetings, settlement and formal agreement negotiations.

Ending On Good Terms

If you have concerns that things may be turning slightly sour now is the time to call – contact us today for support and advice.