TUPE Transfers and Employee Consultations: Mergers, Acquisitions and Closures

TUPE expertise for your commercial benefit

Most HR professionals either have no direct experience of TUPE transfers or have only completed one or two. Here’s a small example from our track record:-

  • TUPE transfer of 1,500 employees (in 18 months), managing due diligence for the acquisition of 23 businesses, across 52 locations and 25 site disposals
  • HR lead on a 10-year deal (worth in excess of £92 million)
  • TUPE transfer of 65 employees across two unionised sites

“I was presented with the typical HR topics, complex employee relations issues, a TUPE transfer and a major business reorganisation programme. Due to a lack of bandwidth within my team, I asked Jannine to assist with a range of generalist HR issues, from delivering management training and employment law workshops, to assisting with the business reorganisation and TUPE transfer, including redundancy consultation. Not only did Jannine step in and deliver some great results, in some extremely challenging time-scales, she can multi-task in the HR arena and supported me in delivering my business objectives, so I am very pleased to recommend Jannine.”

Stephen Edmondson, Human Resources Director

There has been a significant increase in TUPE transfers over the last few years as different Companies win and lose contracts, or outsource services within the UK or abroad.

Experience has shown the opportunities – and pitfalls – of TUPE employee consultation and transfers. You need an experienced eye to spot the legacy terms from old contracts and calculate their impact – which can cost millions if not managed properly.

Sometimes, just the change of an employer’s name on a payslip can unnerve an employee. Often, the value of a transaction is lost if, as a result, individuals seek employment elsewhere. Breakthrough2Performance uses some of its induction and coaching techniques to overcome this.

Careful planning is vital to ensure commercial objectives are achieved

It’s a legislative minefield which Breakthrough2Performance can navigate on your behalf, from start to finish, without any subcontracting. If your organisation is likely to undergo a TUPE transfer, or is expecting major change, contact us for some early advice or if you’d like us to facilitate employee transfers for you.