First 100 Days Coaching Programme for Key Roles

In some circumstances it suits all parties to start this coaching programme before the first day in a new position and organisation. Although it ultimately benefits employers, the individuals being coached also view it as an employee benefit – which is why they’re usually willing to start the programme before they start their new role.

Approximately 31% of new recruits leave a role within six months because of lack of training or employee support, and/or ambiguity about the role itself. Employee support is a topic often raised by candidates during competitive recruitment processes and can be a major factor in deciding to accept or reject a new role. Our First 100 Days coaching programme:-

  • Leaves a lasting impression, which has proved important in staff retention
  • Demonstrates the employer’s long-term commitment
  • Accelerates the learning process and adoption of the company culture
  • Embeds key relationships with other business functions
  • Instils confidence and a sense of ownership
  • Reduces avoidable errors

Breakthrough2Performance distinguishes the results it gains from boldly overcoming barriers humans are prone to. Here are a few examples:-

  1. Self-doubt: when an individual worries about their ability on the run-up to their first day
  2. Concerns about working with colleagues: especially if an individual has unsuccessfully worked with someone before and is being moved to work with them again
  3. Coaching for leaders: where to start addressing an underperforming team
“A problem will not be solved by the same kind of thinking that created it in the first place”

Albert Einstein

Accelerating your Employees to Top Performance

All programmes include telephone and email support and the option to include ability and/or psychometric assessment material. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss personal coaching or induction for your employees.