Recruitment, Selection and Assessment Centres

Reducing your recruitment process burden by 80%

We don’t reinvent the wheel. Instead, we remove the distracting workload of recruitment from your desk. Your dedicated Breakthrough2Performance specialist can do as little or as much as you need. For example we can:-

  • Negotiate favourable terms with recruitment agencies as regular referrers ourselves
  • Update your recruitment policy if needed
  • Provide management recruitment interviewing and assessment training workshops
  • Write all the documentation that is needed throughout the recruitment process (e.g. job description, advertisements, general correspondence, offer letters and contracts)
  • Screen and shortlist candidates
  • Set up and run assessment centres when you need multiple new recruits, to dramatically speed up the recruitment process and reduce the drain on management time
  • Design and conduct competency assessment activities and interviews for shortlisted candidates and analyse the results – this gives you a unique opportunity to make first-hand comparisons
  • Carry out extremely efficient online psychometric tests, and interpret the results without subcontracting (we are fully accredited)
  • Identify and formally evaluate roles using Hay® and Croner® Job Evaluation Techniques
  • Compare test results with data spanning many generations of employees, drawn from tailored populations (e.g. geographical area, job level and size).
  • Undertake salary benchmarking exercises using Croner® Reward System

Increasing the efficiency and accuracy of recruitment and induction

Tailored recruitment and induction programmes accelerate the integration of new employees into organisations and speed up their adoption of your corporate ABC (attitude, behaviours and culture) to fast-track employees to full productivity. Contact us if you’d like a free consultation on how we can improve recruitment and induction efficiency in your organisation.