Business Performance Coaching

Unlocking potential to deliver lasting change and success is what most employers are looking for. Our business performance coaching has doubled productivity and turnover for customers.

So how does coaching actually work?  Well one thing we can say at Breakthrough2Performance is that it’s certainly not a dark art; there are no cards, creepy chants or hypnosis involved!

The power of coaching is all down to:-

  • Stimulating thinking
  • Exploring options and creating lots of options so there is choice
  • Proactively targeting thoughts and actions
  • Making decisions and setting targets

In essence it’s about getting off the merry-go-round for a moment and dealing head-on with that issue, problem or making that decision.

Coaching is based on positive and non-directive reinforcement. Encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their own choices, decisions and actions and challenging concepts through structured conversations.

Coaching improves self-awareness and resilience so positive changes can be made to the way individuals think and work.  Finding your own answers means you learn better and faster.

But then there are the business benefits:-

  • Improves organisational performance
  • Helps employees to deal with adverse events
  • Fosters a culture of creativity
  • Aids employees to perform to their optimum

“Personal coaching really changed my perspective on day-to-day activities and how to motivate my team. The sessions proved immensely useful and really helped increase the productivity of my staff so I could focus on the more important customer aspects of business without having to deal with internal issues.”

R Mann, Account Director
T-Systems Limited

Breakthrough2Performance’s coaches are highly experienced and accredited – a rare combination compared to many service providers. Qualifications and memberships include:-

    1. Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Personnel & Development
    2. Advanced Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring Masters (level 7) from the Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring
    3. Occupational Testing in User Occupational Ability and Personality (previously called levels A and B) from the British Psychological Society (BPS)
    4. Saville Wave® Personality Questionnaires and Reports
    5. Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) developed by Saville & Holdsworth (SHL)
    6. Saville & Holdsworth (SHL) Aptitude Testing and Assessments
    7. Hay® Job Evaluation training from the Hay Group UK
    8. European Mentoring and Coaching Council Membership
    9. British Psychological Society Membership
    10. Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service)
    11. Member of the Institute of Leadership & Management

Everyone is different, so we don’t stipulate a fixed number of sessions. Instead, we are guided by when goals are met. Equally, frequency changes with progression. For example, you might start off by having a session every two weeks and towards the end of the coaching you may just require one every few months.

Each client witnesses positive results both during and after their coaching.

To discuss your organisation’s coaching requirements, or if you think you’d benefit from support yourself, please contact us for a confidential discussion.