First impressions last a long time

Employee support is a topic often raised by candidates during competitive recruitment processes, and can be a major factor in deciding to accept or reject a new role. Employer intentions outlined in the interview should be backed up in the induction process – it’s an introduction to the company’s long-term vision and commitment to its employees.

Inductions to give all new recruits the best possible start with you

Breakthrough2Performance provides services that protect your organisation. Our coaching or induction processes can take place prior to a candidate’s first day. If necessary, we can also support them during the first three months of their employment, by:-

  • Designing and running induction programmes or events if multiple new recruits share a start date
  • Creating new starter packs
  • Specialised coaching in our First 100 Days programme
  • Guiding them through documentation such as employee handbooks or your policies and procedures manual to ensure they know what’s expected of them

It’s been estimated that 31% of people leave new roles within six months because of lack of training and support, and/or ambiguity about the role itself. The induction process and other early employee support is your opportunity to leave a positive lasting impression with each individual who joins your organisation. These lasting impressions will prove invaluable if things get tough or if recruitment consultants target your workforce. The cost of re-employment and the intangible consequences of being short-staffed are unsustainable for most organisations.

Promote yourself as an Employer of Choice

All programmes include telephone and email support and the option to include ability and/or psychometric assessment material. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss induction programmes or personal coaching for your employees.