Expert Grievance, Appeal and Whistleblowing Management Service

When grievances, appeals or whistleblowing arise, they distract senior management to the detriment of the business and those working within and around it.

For example, did you know that it can take a week of dedicated management time to produce a bundle for a tribunal in-house?

Cutting through the fog and limiting damage

Before a highly experienced HR expert takes the weight from your shoulders by delivering the type of services listed below, we take the time to speak to you and find out the following: What does success look like? What do you really want to achieve at the end of the process? A frank and honest conversation on the first day of engaging us makes a significant and positive commercial difference to the eventual outcome.

Keeping the Communication Channels Open and Focused

Given that grievance, appeal and whistleblowing procedures are almost impossible for one person to carry out, while balancing a day job and maintaining employee morale, we often:-

  • Provide practical guidance, based on experience, to ensure you comply with legal requirements
  • Carry out robust and thorough investigations
  • Ensure the matter to be investigated is properly and concisely recorded
  • Conduct informal mediation to help resolve internal disputes
  • Help you or your employees correctly respond to grievances
  • Carry out investigations, including interviewing witnesses
  • Prepare you for a grievance or whistleblowing hearing
  • Conduct or support appeal hearings
  • Provide independent personnel to facilitate hearings (e.g. a hearing manager or note-taker)
  • At the end of a process, reflect on the outcome and make recommendations to support your decision-making
  • Design or update and implement a more efficient grievance policy and process
  • Train managers how to recognise and manage these situations to minimise or avoid the negative impact they can have on your organisation, its customers and suppliers

These don’t need to be difficult or unsettling times

We can help you identify barriers to good employee relations, and provide clarity when dealing with simple or complex employee relations issues, to ensure all cases are dealt with quickly, consistently and fairly, avoiding the need for drawn-out, costly interventions. Please contact us if you’d like a free consultation to assist you in this area.