Preventing and Acting In Disciplinary, Capability and Appeals

When managing poor performance, it’s vital to act quickly, fairly and consistently. It’s easier to ignore the situation and hope it disappears without intervention but this rarely happens – it usually leads to larger issues in the long run.

Identifying the need for capability or disciplinary action

At Breakthrough2Performance we differentiate between ‘disciplinary’ and ‘capability’ needs by asking if the situation relates to a ‘won’t’ or a ‘can’t’. This dictates which route we take and prevents employee relations surprises in the future. For example, finding out that an employee is inadequately trained, or that the unseen root cause of a performance issue relates to a personal limitation or illness.

We sensitively assist you to identify and gain the best possible commercial and relational outcome by:-

  • Providing practical guidance that is based on experience
  • Ensuring the matter to be investigated is properly and concisely recorded
  • Carrying out robust and thorough investigations
  • Taking witness statements
  • Assessing the need (and, if necessary, designing and implementing a performance improvement plan)
  • Preparing you for a disciplinary, capability or appeal hearing
  • Providing independent personnel to facilitate hearings (e.g. a hearing manager or note-taker)
  • At the end of a process, reflecting on the outcome and making recommendations to support your decision-making
  • Training managers how to recognise and manage these situations to minimise or avoid the negative impact they can have on your organisation, its customers and suppliers
  • Designing or updating and implementing a more efficient and preventative policy and process

Pragmatic and Cost Effective Solutions

We can help you identify barriers to good employee relations and provide clarity when dealing with simple or complex employee relations issues, to ensure all cases are dealt with quickly, consistently and fairly, avoiding the need for drawn-out, costly interventions. Please contact us if you’d like a free consultation to assist you in this area.