17 December 2018
HR Policies & Processes

Think of your policies and processes as your Company’s ‘voice’. Human Resource Policies & Human Resource Processes

Designed well they set the tone for equal and transparent treatment for everyone within your organisation, protecting both you and your employees.

They provide a focal ‘go to’ point for Company information and set the standards and expectations for employee performance, engagement, behaviour and attitudes, by clearly documenting and explaining how employee related issues will be addressed and the processes that will be followed.

We can customise your policies and processes to meet your individual Company needs, or we can provide advice on how to draft your own – either way you can be assured that they will be aligned to best practice and ACAS guidelines.  For more information visit  ACAS

Examples of policies and processes you may wish to consider:-

  • Managing Absence
  • Pressure Management (Stress)
  • Grievance & Whistle-blowing
  • Disciplinary
  • Code of Conduct
  • Diversity
  • Health & Well-being
  • Recruitment
  • Bullying & Harassment
  • Redundancy
  • Drugs & Alcohol

At Breakthrough2Performance we understand how unsettling employee relations issues can be for everyone involved, not to mention the potential for costly litigation claims, which is why in addition to support with your policies and processes we can offer the following complementary services:-     

Management Tool-kits:- Comprehensive and easy-to-use tool-kits, designed to deliver step-by-step guidance to policy and process interpretation and compliance.   

Workshops:- Training workshops designed to align to your Company culture and ‘tone of voice’.  These offer a pragmatic and cost-effective solution by speeding up the process of communication, implementation and roll-out of new work-place policies and processes.  

Informative and interactive, these workshops can be delivered as train-the-trainer sessions aimed at an audience of key policy users for example:- management teams, HR or H&S teams, or Employee Representative/Union forums.  We will also offer flexible delivery solutions to ensure that business continuity is not compromised i.e. breakfast workshops.   

Communication Strategy:- Having a clear and transparent internal communication strategy is essential to ensure that your audience understands the message and feels connected and engaged. 

Designing your messaging to meet the differing needs of your audience(s) will help to foster an environment of trust and credibility amongst your employees.

We can recommend a range of appropriate communication methodologies to ensure your messages are efficiently delivered, understood and embedded into your Company.    


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