17 December 2018
Recruitment & Selection

How many times have we heard the old adage ‘having the right person, in the right place at the right time’ but how true this is.....our recruitment process is so key to ensuring our Company is resourced correctly for today and for tomorrow.  Recruitment Services Milton Keynes

At Breakthrough2Performance we understand that the recruitment process doesn’t start with a vacancy it starts with today – our existing employees contribute by selling the virtues of working for our organisation – the grape vine is a powerful tool!

Whether you have an internal recruitment programme as a result of a business acquisition, re-organisation or a new appointment we’d like to help you to secure the best possible candidate for the role.

Here are some of the services we can offer to assist you with the management of your recruitment campaign:-

  • Guidance on job description creation or enhancements, using our experience of job evaluation methodologies (the Hay Group’s ©).
  • Job advertisements and campaigns designed to target the right audience - qualified and diverse candidates excited by the prospect of joining your Company.
  • The recruitment cycle: candidate CV (or application form) screening and qualitative review of skills and experience against job role requirements, candidate short-listing, invitations to interview, attendance or supporting key stakeholders at interview stage, selection and candidate feedback.  
  • Selection programmes:- using selection tools to objectively measure your candidates technical capability, experience and alignment to your Company’s value system i.e. competency-based interview, case study, role play.
  • Psychometric and/or competency testing: undertaken in-line with the ethical practice standards determined by the British Psychological Society. For more information visit:- http://www.bps.org.uk/  
  • On-boarding packs and / or programmes i.e. induction material, First 100 days coaching programme, delivered by an accredited coach.  View our dedicated 100 days section for more information.   
  • Easy-to-use Toolkits designed to deliver step-by-step guidance to policy and process interpretation and compliance.
  • Training workshops designed to offer practical advice on best practice recruitment techniques; structured interviews, questioning, listening and note-taking techniques and an overview of direct and in-direct legislation relating to recruitment.    These workshops can also be delivered as train-the-trainer events.


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