17 December 2018
Organisational Change Management (Redundancy & Restructures)

Organisational Change Management Programmes

Organisational change happens for many different reasons but what is constant is that the change cycle must involve people.

Successful change management programmes balance consideration for those responsible for implementing the change, with the sensitivities of those affected by the change.

We can help you to ensure that this equilibrium is maintained throughout your programme, that critical timelines are not compromised (nor protracted) and provide guidance on the processes to follow to avoid litigation claims.

Change needs to be easily understood by the audience, which means that planning and communication is key. 

During times of change affected employees will go through a number of emotions, from perceived feelings of injustice or unfairness to that of feelings of anger - and this can equally affect their colleagues.

Key to dealing with this situation is the assurance that whatever side of the fence you are sitting you feel that you will have open and transparent communications, be listened to, treated fairly with dignity and respect – here are some examples of how we can help to support this.:-

We have designed a comprehensive template which brings structure to any change programme and mitigates the exposure to potential risks. This framework includes:-

  • Purpose and goals identified;
  • Reason for action and consequences of not taking action now;
  • Implementation programme; project milestones, deliverables and measurements;
  • Risks, realisation of benefit and costs;
  • Communication and consultation time-table;
  • Collaborating with your key stakeholders, management teams, Union/Employee Representative Forum, to agree programme structure, selection criteria and communication strategy.

  • Provide guidance on re-alignment activities to ensure critical skills are retained using our experience of job evaluation methodologies (the Hay Group's ©) to determine job description changes and enhancements. 
  • Provide guidance and support through mediation, attending or facilitating consultation meetings.
  • Design new or refresh current policies and processes, or we can provide advice on how to draft your own.
  • Provide easy-to-use Toolkits designed to deliver step-by-step guidance to policy and process interpretation and compliance.
  • Developing communication and information sharing platforms i.e. Frequently Asked Questions documentation, one-to-one drop-in surgeries, formalised presentations or road-shows.
  • Training workshops designed to offer a pragmatic and cost-effective solution to coach your key stakeholders on how to deal with employees affected by organisational change.  These workshops can also be delivered as train-the-trainer events.
  • Outplacement and career coaching, transition programmes designed to fill the gap in the employee life cycle by demonstrating your continued commitment to everyone who has been affected by the change.  Visit our dedicated Outplacement & Career section for further information.



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