17 December 2018

Employee turnover or attrition is expensive. On-boarding or Employee Fast Tracking

Having successfully engaged your new employee is important that they are embedded into your organisation as quickly as possible.  This can be especially important if their engagement route has been as a result of a TUPE transfer, merger or acquisition.  

Having a comprehensive and consistent on-boarding process will accelerate your new employee’s orientation and integration into their new work environment.  Becoming quickly attuned to your Company’s ABC (attitude, behaviours and culture) will fast track them to full productivity.

We offer a variety of methods designed to accelerate the on-boarding process and quickly embed your new employees into your Company:-

  • Personalised new starter packs, aligned to your Company values, sharing key information early will ensure their orientation commences prior to their first day of employment.
  • Maximise new employee’s on-boarding experience, by assigning them with ownership for their own journey i.e. ‘on-boarding passports’ a roadmap of what they need to need to know, experience or learn during their first 100 days (e.g. on-line H&S or risk training, socialisation events (i.e. team meetings) or arranging meetings with key stakeholders).    
  • We can design and/or facilitate individual or team induction events, welcoming and preparing your new employees for the journey ahead.  Company overviews, policy and processes, key stakeholder introductions and networking contacts. These events can be delivered directly or as train-the-trainer sessions.
  • What about a USP for your Company?  Promote yourself as an employer of choice and enhance your market-place attraction for high calibre candidates by offering personalised coaching sessions during their first 100 days of employment.  You may decide to commence these sessions prior to day 1 (subject to contractual agreement) offering a valuable start, especially for those engaged in leadership roles where the ability to influence, persuade, motivate and inspire others is key.  All coaching sessions are delivered by an accredited coach.  Visit our dedicated 100 days section for more information.


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