17 December 2018
Grievance, Disciplinary & Tribunals

We all know that feeling when faced with an awkward or difficult employee relations situation.  Whether it’s a grievance, capability, disciplinary, appeal or tribunal notification, it adversely affects our Company and is unsettling for all involved. Employee grievance, disciplinary and tribunal advice

During these difficult times in the employment relationship, it is important to have a clear and transparent framework for dealing with these situations.

This is where we can support you by providing a range of services designed to match your needs, for example:-  

  • Implementing a new, or refreshing your existing policy and process in-line with the ACAS Code of Practice for handling disciplinary and grievance issues.  View our HR Policies & Processes section for more information.
  • Working in partnership with you - supporting your Managers, your Union or Employee Consultative Forum representatives or assisting your HR Team.
  • We can provide guidance and support through mediation, attending or facilitating informal or formal hearings or appeals, taking comprehensive and confidential notes, following up actions or helping the wider team to prepare supporting documentation or witness statements for these meetings.  We can also offer a case preparation service for Tribunal hearings.
  • Providing easy-to-use Tool-kits designed to deliver step-by-step guidance to policy and process interpretation and compliance.
  • Training workshops designed to align to your Company culture and 'tone of voice'.  These offer a pragmatic and cost-effective solution by speeding up the process of communication, implementation and roll-out of new work-place policies and processes.
  • On-going we can provide guidance on case resolution, process improvements or enhancements.  This may include, for example; informal resolution techniques (where practicable), how to deliver difficult messages or recommended next steps e.g. "Is it a grievance or a grumble?".

Our aim is to help you to identify the barriers to good employee relations.  To provide clarity when dealing with simple or complex employee relations issues, ensuring all cases are dealt with quickly, consistently and fairly, avoiding the need for drawn out, costly interventions.


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