17 December 2018
Employee Health & Wellbeing

Employee Health & Employee Wellbeing programmesEmployee wellbeing is not a gimmick...every year in the UK we see millions of working days lost to workplace sickness absence. 

Helping to encourage ‘positive wellbeing’ is especially important as a large part of our lives is spent at work. 

Positive wellbeing at work is all about creating an environment where employees feel that they matter, there is a willingness to help and support colleagues, they are proud to work for their Company and genuinely feel they can make a difference.  Work is an important part of their lives.  

We recognise that to create such an environment requires small steps to be taken but that the ultimate reward is beneficial to all. We can help you to design and deliver your own programme, keeping the communication channels focused and open – but most of all HAVING FUN!

Our wellbeing programmes will be tailored, there is no ‘one size fits all’ but to give you some idea’s, here are some activities you may wish to consider:-  

  • Changing Habits
  • Think Well
  • Sun Awareness
  • Physical Activities

How would you deliver these events?  Well that’s up to you.

We can support by providing material for your intranet, desk drops, sponsoring activities, presentations, workshops, we will work with you to determine the communication strategy that works best for you. 

Key to your programmes success will be engaging an internal network of Champions who are visible and vocal supporters and have the enthusiasm to promote and sponsor varied activities throughout your campaigns. 

We can also offer your Champions support i.e. an initial social interaction workshop to introduce them to their roles as Champions and the theme of wellbeing, to facilitating monthly face-to-face or telephone meetings where Champions come together to share experiences and explore future wellbeing topics.

Employee wellbeing programmes promise to be a valuable source of social interaction for everyone.

“Together we can network for a better future.”

What does wellbeing look like?


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