17 December 2018
Employee Consultation

Have you heard of ‘The Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations’, often referred to as the ICE Regulations?  Employee Consultation & ICE regulations

These regulations apply to Companies employing 50 or more, giving employees the right to request that the Company has a process in place to inform and consult with an elected group of employees on business issues. This elected group of employees is often referred to as an ‘Employee Consultative Forum’.  

This group represents all employees, providing a forum for discussion and consultation for business affairs, promoting understanding and healthy relationships between management teams and employees.

Perhaps you have just received such a request from your employee population? 

Is your current team of Employee Representative’s term of engagement coming to an end?

Or perhaps you are considering this as a proactive way of enhancing employer / employee relationships?

Whatever your reason, we can support your need by:-  

  • Creating a ‘Terms of Reference’ document, detailing how you will inform and consult with your employees on Company issues.  

  • Supporting your election campaign:-
    • Communication cascades
    • Candidate nominations
    • Candidate statements and campaigns
    • Balloting (employee voting)*
    • Recommended training activities to support your newly elected team

                 * Engagement of an independent third-party supplier is recommended to guarantee the integrity and independence of the ballot process.

  • Communication and marketing campaigns to bring the election campaign to life to include promotional activities and information sharing.


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