17 December 2018
Absence Management

Employee absence takes many forms, from unauthorised, short or long-term sickness absence to persistent lateness.  It affects us all and sometimes with alarming consequences. Absence management & absenteeism

Employee absence creates workplace pressures, from a Company perspective where organisational performance, productivity, deadlines and increased costs may be affected, to individual employees when engagement, morale and well-being can be compromised often leading to an impact on their colleagues who have been left supporting their absence. 

Early intervention is key – below is a selection of the services we can offer to help you to identify, measure and manage your absence issues:-   

  • Individual case support – opening the lines of communication that are often compromised following organisation change i.e. facilitated consultation meetings, home visits, medical intervention and EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) support. 
  • Working in partnership with you, your Employee Representative or Trade Union forums to refresh current policies and processes or creating a new framework to support all types of absence from work. Particular attention will be paid to compliance to the following legislative requirements; Data Protection Act (1998) and Equality Act (2010).
  • Design of a systematic absence management programme:-
    • Identification of trends or issues;
    • Exploration of possible absence causes;
    • Absence monitoring and recording material;
    • Fully documented and communicated process;
    • Exploration of third-party support i.e. EAP (Employee Assistance Programme)  
  • Coaching (by an acredited coach) and practical solutions for key stakeholders ie. dealing with situations with confidence, confronting the ‘elephant in the room’.  
  • Providing easy-to-use Toolkits designed to deliver step-by-step guidance to policy interpretation and compliance;
  • Training workshops designed to align to your Company culture and ‘tone of voice’.  These offer a pragmatic and cost-effective solution by speeding up the process of communication, implementation and roll-out of new work-place policies and processes. 

Our aim is to support you through early intervention to reduce the impact employee health problems can have on your Company, whilst promoting the positive health and well-being of your employees.

Do you need assistance in balancing the work-life seesaw?  Visit our dedicated area for more information.


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