17 December 2018
Performance Development & Developing a Coaching Culture

Workplace coaching is proven to increase productivity by enabling employees to explore and reach their potential, which in turn delivers lasting success.Workplace Coaching Sessions Milton Keynes

Coaching is about creating high-performance on an individual and/or cultural basis, it is not about managing poor performance.

Key to any coaching programme is the agreement of objectives and expectations. We will work with you to ensure that your programme is aligned to your needs and that your investment is measured and monitored.  

All of our programmes focus on positive and non-directive reinforcement, challenging coachees to consider their capability and potential through structured conversations, improving self-awareness and resilience so that they can make positive changes to the way they think and work.  

Our techniques are complemented by coaching models focussed on exploring the bigger picture:-  

  • Defining appropriate individual or common team goals; 
  • Removing obstacles that can hinder development, relationships or achievement of goals;
  • Creating an environment where everyone can flourish and enhance their personal effectiveness.

Building a strong coach, coachee and stakeholder relationship is vital.  Therefore it is important to work with you to ensure the coaching solution is right for everyone.  We can offer flexibility in the timing and/or frequency of sessions, locations (in-house or off-site) the choice is yours.  All programmes include telephone and email support and the option to include psychometric assessment material.


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