17 December 2018
Outplacement & Career Coaching

Organisational change is all around us, however for some of us when the ‘merry-go-round’ of change stops there are unfortunate consequences where we find ourselves facing redundancy.Outplacement & Career Coaching Services   

Our career transition programmes are designed to fill the gap in the employee life cycle by demonstrating your continued commitment to everyone who has been affected by change, albeit directly or indirectly by:-    

  • Recognising the emotional impact this has on employees by providing them with practical and positive support during this difficult time;
  • Enhancing your Company reputation, assisting future employee attraction and retention;
  • Mitigating feelings of negativity and/or insecurity of retained employees (which could adversely impact performance and productivity) by demonstrating a genuine commitment to all employees.

The focus of our Outplacement and Career Coaching programmes is on overcoming emotional barriers, reinforcing self-confidence and the setting of personal goals in readiness for the journey ahead and securing that next role by offering:-  

  • Personal one-to-one career coaching;
  • Emotional support, where are we now?  Where do we want to be? 
  • Career options;
  • CV preparation, application forms and covering letters;
  • Interview Skills and Practice (role play activities and video exercises);
  • Guidance on job search tools, networking and contacts ;
  • Communication and listening skills.

Early intervention and communication is key.  We can work with you, your key stakeholders or support your HR Team to ensure that communication channels are kept open and positive.  

Building a strong coach, coachee and stakeholder relationship is vital.  Therefore it is important to work with you to ensure the coaching solution is right for everyone.  We can offer flexibility in the timing and/or frequency of sessions, locations (in-house or off-site) the choice is yours.  All programmes include telephone and email support and the option to include psychometric assessment material.


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