17 December 2018
First 100 Days

Do you want to accelerate your new employees to top performance and develop a preference for coaching within your Company? Fast Track new employees

Our ‘First 100 Days’ programme is designed to fast track your new employees, by offering them personal one-to-one coaching during their first 100 days of employment - getting them off to that all important flying start.

The target audience for this programme is:-

  • New recruits;  
  • Internal candidates promoted or transitioning into a new job role or team;
  • New employees joining your Company following a TUPE transfer or M&A.  

These ‘orientation’ coaching sessions are aimed at accelerating the on-boarding process with positive benefits for all:-

  • Promoting your Company as an employer of choice.  Demonstrating genuine commitment to employee development, a learning organisation which will attract higher calibre candidates;  
  • Accelerates the on-boarding process, embedding employees into your Company more quickly, speeding up the path to full productivity;
  •  Valuable for employees in leadership or people management roles where the ability to influence, motivate and inspire others is key;
  • Encourages ownership for career development and the setting of personal goals and objectives.

Need your new employees to ‘hit the ground running’?

Why not consider offering coaching sessions prior to role/employment commencement (subject to contractual agreement)?

Creating a coaching culture can take time, however this approach will provide your employees with an appreciation of the benefits of coaching, how it valued them, how it could add value to their team and overall will embed a non-directive coaching style across your Company.  

Our tailored programmes focus on positive and non-directive reinforcement, challenging coachees through structured conversations, complemented by coaching models.

Building a strong coach, coachee and stakeholder relationship is vital.  Therefore it is important to work with you to ensure the coaching solution is right for everyone.  We can offer flexibility in the timing and/or frequency of sessions, locations (in-house or off-site) the choice is yours.  All programmes include telephone and email support and the option to include psychometric assessment material, or interpretation of psychometric assessment material where used during the selection process (dependent upon material used).


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