17 December 2018
Career Coaching - Personal 1-2-1 Coaching

At Breakthrough2Performance we believe in the importance of making time for coaching.  Career Coaching & Personal Development Services Buckinghamshire

We often only get one chance to get off to a good start and make that first lasting impression.  

  • Is now the right time for personal reflection – some time for you?   
  • Do you have a new goal or opportunity – or are at a crossroads in your career?
  • Do you need time to think about your current situation? How you would like things to change....or are likely to change?

Coaching is collaborative relationship between two people the coach and the coachee. Where a safe environment (conducive to learning and self-development) is created and you are encouraged to develop greater awareness of yourself, your environment and others around you.   You will explore new ways of solving issues to produce better results and work towards achieving your goals.  

How might coaching benefit you?

  • Perhaps you are considering a new job, career or facing a personal challenge? Visit our dedicated first 100 days section
  • Are you moving into a leadership role where you would like to expand and improve your management style or strategy?
  • You may want to explore obstacles or barriers that are hindering your achievement of your goals e.g. relationships, self-confidence.
  • Is there a change that you want to make but are not sure where to start?
  • Is there something you want to do more or less of?
  • You may want to improve your work/life balance?
  • You may be returning to the work environment following a career break, or have recently been made redundant?  Visit our dedicated Outplacement section.

Irrespective of your personal situation or goals we’re here to help – self reflection is a very powerful tool.  It encourages greater self-awareness and a positive way of viewing and thinking about all learning opportunities and potential experiences. 

Building a strong coach, coachee and stakeholder relationship is vital.  Therefore it is important to work with you to ensure the coaching solution is right for everyone.  We can offer flexibility in the timing and/or frequency of sessions, locations (in-house or off-site) the choice is yours.  All programmes include telephone and email support and the option to include psychometric assessment material.


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